Sailing through hurdles: Breastfeeding Journey

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You can read Zoya Khan’s story here.



25 thoughts on “Sailing through hurdles: Breastfeeding Journey

  1. Wow, you have been on such a journey! It sounds like you had some amazing nurses and doctors that really supported your wishes and helped you to succeed in those early challenging days!


  2. I love seeing breastfeeding journeys that (even though hard) worked out in the end, my son was 16 weeks early and i pumped exclusively with the goal to breast feed when he was able, well i dried up after a long hard 3 month of pumping every 3 hours for an hour each time…. and because of the shock my body went through with my son i didnt even make milk for my daughter no matter how hard i tried.

    I still love the success stories!! ❤


  3. That’s so great that your work is mom friendly. Reading this is making me nervous about when it is my time to have kids, but as you said, each baby is different. We are all sort of beginners each time you have a kid so I shouldn’t be intimidated!


  4. I cannot believe how amazingly supportive and helpful your hospital nurses were! And you are so fortunate also that things have gone so well for you. I nursed both of mine, but getting started with my first was a nightmare and took months til we got things (latch, flow, etc) well established, and I had to wean both shortly after first birthday for medical reasons.


  5. You are doing a fab job with all these stories Dana. So glad that you Re putting it up here 🙂 these stories are very motivating and can be a real booster for new moms. Zoya is such a strong woman.. going strong even at 3.7 years. I hope I shall be able to do that too..


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